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A Division of Western Industries Corporation

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How we got started!

WIC Medical is a division of Western Industries Corp. As the needs of our medical customers evolved, so did Western Industries’ capabilities. The needs and solutions of medical customers are unique enough that WIC Medical was created to provide the high level of service and reliability found within an FDA registered facility. From contract manufacturing components of a medical device to delivering the entire device itself, our ISO9001 quality system, manufacturing technology, and controlled environments ensure a consistent product.

Our Face Shields

WIC Medical’s face shields are manufactured in Oklahoma, USA, with materials sourced in North America. Our shield uses premium materials and precision fabrication techniques to provide a domestic product that exceeds the standards of cheaper alternatives.

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WIC Medical’s face shields uses premium materials and is made domestically at a price point competitive with cheaper alternatives. This product is intended for wearers who might experience exposure to splashing of blood or bodily fluids and is intended for single use by a single wearer.

Shield Is FDA registered Class 1 and Exempt